Thursday, May 24, 2007

Charleston - Day 1

So here we are in Charleston, South Carolina! It is great to finally be here, and we had a long day getting here. Up at 4:30 am, to the airport at 5:15, on a flight to Atlanta at 6 am, layover in Atlanta for a long freaking time. On a 1:30 flight to Savannah Georgia. Arrived in Savannah, rented a car, and off to drive around the city. We stopped(not really, we drove by) Paula Dean's restaurant. Didn't wait in line to go in, but still fun to see! Driving from Savannah to Charleston we had to stop at Sonic for a slushie. Yum-o!
Drove for 1.5 hours, arrived, check in to the Holiday Inn, then off to dinner at Fleet Landing. Here I am outside the restuarant right before we went in.
We split shrimp and grits and it was fantastic! We might have to have it again while we are here.
Now we are off to bed. I'm meeting the Habitat folks at 9 am tomorrow, so I want to get a good night sleep!

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