Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Managing Sideways

So I'm attempting to get caught up on life - including laundry, grocery shopping, reading, and all that good stuff. I'm also trying to get caught up at work, with reading and the like. I'm plowing through Managing Sideways by Price Pritchett. I thought I might as well blog as I read, so that I can get it all down that I want to remember. I'm trying to think of how this will apply to work for me as I'm reading it. So here are the important parts I have picked up on:

Change is 30 percent logical, but it is 70 percent emotional.

It is reported that customers are five times more likely to leave because our business processes are poor than because we have poor products. (I think our processes are pretty poor)

As Kenneth Blanchard puts it, "Feedback is the breakfast of campions." ( I like feedback, I need more of it. Are we getting good and accurate feedback on the programs from the kids?? What if we did a followup survey 5 years later on how AWOL really affected their life?).

Okay, here is a chapter that is tricky in the current situation. It says,
"Instead of supervising people, manage the white space. keep your focus on...results. ... Here we are looking for horizontal management, and that means you don't want people raising issues through the chain of command. You want them to resolve the problems at their level. You want them to be self directed, finding solutions on their own, operation with a high degree of personal autonomy."
I think that applies to issues with a process or product, but can it apply to issues with co-workers? or ethics??

Communication is the oxygen that change needs to survive.

interesting quick read. i'm curious as to if we ar going to use this as a youth staff.

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