Thursday, July 27, 2006


So apparently I am on a bit of a movie kick. I guess it is because I am attempting to complete two slideshows using the slowest computers and slowest program ever. So right now I am watching Jewel of Nile. This was a movie we watched all the time growing up and I love it. Mike does not like it, so I get to watch it cause he is gone! I also watched A Cinderella Story this afternoon. Not as good as Ever After. Tonight I'm watching In Her Shoes with Holly. I read the book and liked it, so we will see how the movie is.

I watched Finding Neverland yesterday and loved it. It was sooo sad though! I do like Johnny Depp though. And I love romantic movies. I also watched Good Night, and Good Luck and The New World. New World was kinda boring...stunningly beautfiul, but kinda boring. Good Night was just okay. I love to watch movies, so it was a nice way to spend an evening.

Okay, back at the slideshows. Then tomorrow, off to the lake with Mike, Megan, Steve, and Taylor. So I'll have more baby pictures later!

Does anyone know of a really good program for making slideshows that run about 25 minutes long? I'm using ProShowGold now and I like it, but it is sooooooooooooo slow. Thanks!

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