Thursday, December 28, 2006

And Dinner...

We ended up being too hungry to just hang out. So we headed out to Cosi, where we were hoping for smores. To get to the closest Cosi we had to pass the Capital. So here are a few more photos, including some of the Christmas tree.

We then got to Cosi and realized that this particular one didn't have smores. We were too hungry to look elsewhere, so we had some really good sandwiches. We hung out for a bit, then decided to brave the night and look for smores. We walked for a bit then found a metro stop. Off we went to Dupont Circle. Dupont has two metro exits and I couldn't remember which one lead to the Cosi. We picked the right one though! Right at the top of the escalator it was waiting for us. We hung in the middle of Dupont Circle for a little while (after almost being run over, I guess we don't really understand how crosswalks work) then we went to Cosi for our smores. They were totally yum-o! We have a picture, but it is on the camera to which the charger is in the suitcase, which are still not here yet (added on 7:40 p.m. ET)!

After the smores we took the metro back to the hotel and now are ready to call it a night! Just waiting for our pajamas and contact case!

Tomorrow we head out to the new air and space musuem with Shelley and her kiddos and parents. Then off to the Zambrano's for dinner. It is so good to be here, it is like coming home!

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