Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve dinner

Erin and I just got back to our hotel froom from a spectacular New Year's Eve night out. After waking up from our nap and getting ready, we went to the lobby to find a cab waiting outside our hotel. We hopped in and headed straight to Finn & Porter.
Okay, Erin here now. We had an excellent meal at Finn and Porter. We started with the Calamari, which was really good. We moved on to a filet minon for Mike and crab cakes for me. We were so stuffed by the time we left. It was nice to have a good dinner just the two of us. We didn't really want it to end, but the didn't have creme brulee so we had to move on.
One of the highlights of our dining experience was the table next to us. They arrived after we did, and I noticed that they started asking about prices for beer. This was not the kind of resturant where you want to ask that! They then admitted that they had $100 to spend and no more. They order two appetizers and then told the waited that they wanted to drink the rest. They were pretty entertaining! They kept asking their waiter how much they had spent. It was pretty ridiculous! We felt bad for their waiter! Mike tells it much better than I do, so ask him for the full story.

After we left Finn and Porter, we wandered around Chinatown for a little while. It was fun to see all the people dressed up and heading out. We hopped the metro to Union Station and decided to stop in at Bistro Bis for a quick drink. We ended up trying all three of their champagne cocktails as well as a yummy creme brulee. So we ended the night happy. Now we are back in our room, ready to get in out pjs and watch the countdown on tv. Happy New Year everyone!

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stevenjared0853 said...

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