Tuesday, January 31, 2006

crack my neck, please!

I have had this killer headache since Saturday afternoon. All I want is for my chiropractor to crack my neck and make it go away! It is really hard to concentrate and to focus on anything! So I scheduled an emergency appointment tomorrow morning, becuase no way do I want to feel like this in Phoenix all weekend. I don't know how people who regularly get migraines manage to get anything accomplished. No way. I just want to crawl into bed and not think anymore about anything. But no such luck. We are going out to dinner tonight with Mike's family, which is always fun.
Lauren picked out a dress she liked...the first one she tried on! How opposite from me! Click here to check out the dress. And she is thinking about this for a bridesmaid dress. In a burgandy color. I really like this dress, I'm just worried about it showing every little bulge. Situps galore for me I guess!
Fun times as always.

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