Friday, April 07, 2006

girls night

Tonight I am hosting a girls night for the senior high girls that I work with. I'm excited, yet apprehensive. Last year's night was a fun time for all, but this year I think there will be more girls. Will it still go well or will that cattiness that comes from having 10 or more girls together be out in full force? I sure hope not! I guess I am just not that much of a girly girl. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love dressing up, I love buying new shoes, I love being a woman and all that comes with it. But I am not that into drama, or makeup, or being super pretty to impress someone. I would rather be a strong, healthy, and happy young woman.
I just finished reading a great book about inner beauty and strength. The book is The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue, by Barbara Samuel (recommend by Brooke in her blog Odious Women). I am very blessed that I have never had a rough life or a major trauma, but I would like to think that I am still a strong individual. I guess I just hope that I never have to find out!
Have a lovely weekend...get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

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